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We know how important it is to your bottom line to receive firm and accurate quotations from your sub contractors. The cost of kitchen drawings is developed using affordable pricing method and we always provide a fixed price quote prior to the start of any work. We determine your kitchen design project cost by the scope of the project. Our pricing is based upon the depth and complexity of your kitchen design project. We never work with open ended hourly retainers so you will know your exact pricing upfront.

We don’t charge for revisions, but we will always provide you with an estimate of the time required prior to starting the work. In addition, once pricing has been completed and approved, we conduct a project intake interview and design review to be certain we have all of the information needed to accurately develop detailed plans for your project.

OPTION:-1 (BRONZE SERVICE)Create from a floor plan that you have already hand sketched. We transfer it in to computer aided
Floor plan, Elevations and Perspectives (Coloured 3D Views)

Price: - $15 to $35.00


Concept to completion of full designs that, using your site measurements.

Floor Plan + Elevation +Perspective (3D Coloured views)

Price: - $35 to $70.00


Complete Services

Drawings + Estimating and Ordering Infromation + Construction Information

Price: - $70 to $105.00